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Anniversary Gift List


Traditional or Modern – Here’s how to find the perfect gift!

Traditional                              Modern

1st     Paper                              Clock
2nd    Cotton                            China
3rd     Leather                          Crystal or Glass
4th     Fruit or Flowers            Appliances
5th     Wood                              Silverware
6th     Candy or Iron                Wood
7th     Wool or Copper            Desk Sets
8th     Bronze or Pottery         Linens or Lace
9th     Pottery or Willow          Leather
10th  Tin or Aluminum           Diamond Jewelry
11th  Steel                                Fashion Jewelry
12th  Silk or Linen                   Pearls
13th  Lace                                 Textiles or Furs
14th  Ivory                                Gold Jewelry
15th  Crystal                             Watches
20th  China                               Platinum
25th   Silver                               Silver
30th   Pearls                             Diamond
35th   Coral                               Jade
40th   Ruby                               Ruby
45th   Sapphire                        Sapphire
50th   Gold                               Gold
55th   Emerald                         Emerald
60th   Diamond                       Diamond

Wedding Engagement Tradition

Royal Engagement Ring

He Gave You a Ring!

You’ll want to shout your wedding engagement from the rooftops. Before you get any hasty engagement announcement ideas, here is the best way to go about spreading the wonderful engagement news. When making your wedding engagement announcement, the first people you should tell about your engagement are your parents and/or any children from a previous union. Traditionally the rule of engagement dictates that the groom’s parents call the bride’s parents to introduce themselves and invite them to meet. The second group of people to give your engagement announcement to are all other relatives and your friends. They can be told in person, by phone, or more often email. An engagement party is traditionally held by the bride’s parents but, in recent years it has become acceptable for anyone to host your engagement party.

The engagement tradition dates back to caveman times when rushes were braided to tie the brides legs and arms together until she agreed to the marriage. Lucky for brides, the Egyptian pharoahs were the first to use the shape of a circle without a beginning or an end – a wedding engagement ring – to symbolize eternity. The wealthy in Medieval times enhanced the wedding engagement ring with gem stones. Stones that were most popular in these times were rubies, representing the heart and sapphires representing the heavens. In the fifteenth century, the Venetians realized that diamonds were the hardest substance in nature and could be cut and polished to a brilliant finish. In that century, one of the first documents that had shown the engagement ring featured diamonds. Since then, the strength and brilliance of the diamond has endured as the stone of choice for engagement rings when making your engagement proposal and engagement announcement.